ACEI coming soon!

Taking place virtually, the 21th International Conference on Cultural Economics will happen on July 6-9, with the main theme of cultural policy.  

As usual, the main conference which starts on July 7th, is preceded by the workshop for Young Researchers (YRW). The conference will combine keynotes, special sessions, and paper presentations on a broad range of topics around the globe.  

The fast changes characterizing the cultural sector as well as the impact of the current COVID-19 crises on the cultural sector call for new research in cultural economics to understand and provide guidance for cultural policy”. See more about the conference here. 

The CROWDCUL team will be heavily represented:  

CROWDCUL PhD Student, Alice Demattos Guimaraes, will participated in the YRW as a co-author of the research paper “Cultural Representation of Funk carioca” in which Prof. Daniel Nordgård will be commenting and a presenter of the work linked to her PhD fellowship “Entrepreneur vs artist identity”. She will also take part in the panel about Creative and Cultural Industries in Latin America. 

Moreover, as a part of the main conference, CROWDCUL project partners will present exciting papers, here are the references: 

  • Shneor, R., Rykkja, A., Maehle, N., and Munim, Z. H. “Crowdfunding Cultural Production: Determinants of Crowdfunding Adoption by Artists” 
  • Lazzaro, E., and Nordgård, D. “Crowdfunding as a possible disintermediation on the contemporary art market” 
  • Demattos, A.G. “The Ordinary City as a Stage for Culture, Creativity & Social Inclusion: A Study of the social circus in Brazil & Latin America in the first decades of the 21st century” 

Stay tuned in the CROWDCUL project to follow this insightful encounter!  

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