Daniel Nordgård

Senior Researcher / Assoc. Prof. Daniel Nordgård

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Daniel Nordgård is a Senior Researcher at NORCE and an associate professor at the University of Agder. He has a broad background in music, foremost as musician and artist. Nordgård recently finished his doctorate in music with the dissertation: Determining Factors on Digital Change in the Music Industries (2017). He teaches music business at the University of Agder’ master’s program on music management and works as a senior researcher at NORCE, a private research institute. His research is very much devoted to the music industry and the cultural industries, with a special emphasis on digital change. In 2013, Nordgård was appointed by the Norwegian Government to lead their committee on music streaming and digital change in the music industry and wrote the report from the Committee. He holds several positions in different boards, nationally and internationally, including Gramo (Norwegian collecting society for recording artists and record companies), The Norwegian Film Institute and Gramart (The Norwegian featured artist organization). He also sits on the board of the International Music Business Research Association (IMBRA).