Monthly Archive: April 2021


A Study of The Social Circus by Alice Demattos Guimarães

Last March, Alice Demattos Guimarães, PhD candidate within the CROWDCUL-project, held a seminar on her paper ‘The Ordinary City as a Stage for Culture, Creativity & Social Inclusion: A Study of the social circus...


Project Launch: May 20, 2021

On May 20th 2021 the Crowdcul project will be officially launched. During a live event from 9:00 til 13:00, the results of the research so far will be presented and experts will reflect on...


Launchboom: Getting your campaign funded on its first day

Last week, Launchboom organized the ‘Crowdfunded Summit’, the world’s largest virtual crowdfunding conference. Over the course of three days, participants joined a program hosted by Launchboom and its partners including Indiegogo, Facebook and Kickbooster....