2022 is an important year for Norway! To know more about this, check out this film running a crowdfunding campaign!

Hei hei Crowd!  

The first post of the year of 2022 is dedicated to an exciting cultural crowdfunding campaign, which celebrates the 1150 anniversary of Norway! We are talking about the “872“, a 45-minute-long film about the journey of departing from many small kingdoms to one country, in an epic fight led by Harald Fairhair. Many are the hands behind this unique project, including a panel of experts, in a collective effort to bring the viking storytelling to the screens, in a film as historically correct as possible.  

“(…) we want to create a realistic Viking drama where you follow the ‘ordinary’ people in the march towards the great battle of 872. The kings are usually the ones to start processes like this, but it is the people around them who carry it out and often sacrifice their lives.” 

They are seeking for help to finish this promising film! They have been filming day and night, over summer, autumn and winter scenes (soon spring too!). And it is precisely for wrapping up the last steps, that the team decided to go to a crowdfunding campaign.  

Through the Indiegogo.com, 872 is looking to collectively finance their post-production process, in which the “magic happens”. The campaign is available here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/872-the-movie–2#/ where you can see the exciting perks – including taking part of the film (would this be co-creation?! CrowdCul is looking very much forward to researching more when the project is successful – and a source for interviews).

From the locations filmed to the sound track, this comprehensive viking film can soon be out for the crowd! Take a look and share the word (surely, support if you think it is worth it). We do think so.  

Stayed tuned in our website to follow the campaign and, of course, hopefully future findings on the aspect of co-creation within cultural crowdfunding (and much more!). 

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