A Study of The Social Circus by Alice Demattos Guimarães

Last March, Alice Demattos Guimarães, PhD candidate within the CROWDCUL-project, held a seminar on her paper ‘The Ordinary City as a Stage for Culture, Creativity & Social Inclusion: A Study of the social circus in Brazil & Latin America in the first decades of the 21st century’ within the Online Seminar Series ‘The Cultural and Creative Industries: Pathways Beyond Economic Growth‘.

In the seminar, Alice debunked the concept of different ‘categories of cities’ and formulated a plea for ‘the ordinary city’, with its diverse, complex and internally differentiated character. Looking specifically at Brazil and Latin American, she zoomed in on the social circus as a relevant cultural-creative tool for youngsters to conquer their right in the ordinary city.

Both the paper and the discussant notes following the seminar are now available online.

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