A hectic summer, a beautiful autumn and winter is definitely coming

Returning to physical meetings and events can indeed be overwhelming. This was most likely what happened here, in this blog, with our team returning to in person encounters – of course responsibly following the respective restrictions and full vaccinated. Anyhow, in an attempt to catch up from what we left, the anthology Culture, Creativity and Economy Collaborative Practices, Value Creation and Spaces of Creativity is already out and available, and the ACEI (July 6-9) conference was a fruitful and enriching virtual gathering where the academic community of cultural economists had the opportunity to discuss the fast changes happening in the cultural sector, among other things the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. The CROWDCUL team was well represented and participated in the debate about crowdfunding in the cultural industries.

August was the month of vacation for many of us, providing time to enjoy the sun and rest. But for some of us, it was time to keep working and to attend the firsts in-person events, not only social, but also academic, such as the AFINO summer school on transdisciplinary Responsible Research and Innovation.

In September we returned to all the activities, meetings, teaching, and obviously research. Our team had a last virtual meeting before the upcoming physical one (soon a blog about it!) and also submitted the evaluation report for the Research Council of Norway. By the end of the month, some of us were heading to the Netherlands to the European Centre of Alternative Finance (ECAF) Conference. We had the chance to present couple of the papers currently in progress and got insightful feedback and thoughtful comments. It was definitely a great way of kicking off the CROWDCUL participation in physical events! With that we finish the “catching-up” post, inviting you to stay tuned in the CROWDCUL website to follow the exciting moments that we have been co-sharing!

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